Tilt Theory Ten Year 23"Deck (23" - Zwart)

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Coveted Tilt Theory deck in a limited edition

This is a super limited production of the coveted Tilt Theory 002 deck, made to celebrate a full decade of living that dope Tiltlife.

The cutting edge of technology has been reached and far surpassed with the Theory deck

  • Rich on popular features like its hollowed anniversary bottom and an 83° headtube
  • Land your tricks with less effort thanks to its deep concave shape

Easy to dial and perfect for grinds

  • Dialing in your scooter is easier to achieve than ever, thanks to the fact that everything is welded thoroughly into place
  • Forged and welded dropouts for easier grinding
  • 3D formed "Crook Nook" for steady Crook-grinds


  • The foot fender on this deck is welded in, meaning you will not be able to ride this deck with a brake attached
  • Since this a highly technical advanced pro scooter component, you need to have a certain skill level to ride it properly. For you to utilize all its wonderful features you must be a trained rider with a level of at least intermediate. If you are not trained at all you can actually end up damaging your parts and see them breaking prematurely due to incorrect use
  • The Theory scooter deck have welded cover plates in the front, in order to avoid debris and the likes falling into the scooter deck. These plates have no effect on the performance neither the durability if cracked or destroyed



Deck breedte: 15.2cm (6")
Deck lengte: 58.4cm (23")
Wieldiameter: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm
Wiel kern breedte: 24, 30mm
Gewicht: 1769g
Materiaal: Aluminium 6061
Materiaal sterkte: T6
Deck ontwerp: One-piece
Dropout Vorm: Box-cut
Concaaf: Ja
Headtube hoek: 83°
Headtube lengte: 105mm
Headsettype: Integrated 1 1/8"
Deck spacers: Inclusief
Rem type: Flex Fender
Rem/Spatbord: Inclusief
As: Inclusief
As diameter: 8mm
Griptape: Niet inbegrepen
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